The year 2025: most Brits expect to be able to pay by thumbprint scan

More than half of Brits expect to be able to pay by scanning their thumbprint in the year 2025 according to a new survey carried out by

The research was carried out to coincide with the publication of a new report examining the future of payments and the ways it could be possible to pay.

In the report, leading independent futurologist Dr Ian Pearson uses his expert knowledge of trends in technology and society to give his view on what types of payments could be both possible and popular, including digital jewellery, paying by handshake and augmented reality.

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You can read Pay Your 2025: Future Payments here.

As well as looking ahead to 2025, the report contains an illustrated timeline of the history of innovation in payments and a review of the predictions we made in 2001 about 2011.

And if you consider yourself a science fiction buff, why not try our fun quiz that considers how the way we pay in future has been imagined by tv and film, from Star Trek to Red Dwarf.

Future security

Whatever the future holds, the Payments Council’s recent survey amongst over 4,000 consumers confirms that speed and security are likely to be more of a concern than convenience. Unsurprisingly, almost everyone (93%) surveyed agreed that the security of payments is important to them at the moment, while nearly two thirds (62%) admit to concerns that payments using new technology might not be secure.

If you’re concerned about security, follow the link to our staying safe online guide, or visit our sister website Bank Safe Online for even more.


We surveyed more than 4,000 people to find out what new technology we would be using in 2025. Read our press release to find out more about what they told us.

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