Top tips to prevent errors when sending payments

  • Double check
    Always double check the sort code and account number when sending a payment.
  • Check the reference 
    This is particularly important if you are paying a business.
  • Can you use Paym? 
    Paym lets you check the account holder’s name before confirming the payment.
  • Long lost friend?
    How long it is since you last paid that payee – do they still use the same account?
  • Stay up to date 
    Review your payee lists regularly and delete any you know are no longer being used.
  • Send a test
    Remind the person you are paying to double check the details they provide. For extra reassurance, you could send a low value test payment and check the funds are received.
How to avoid payment mistakes
More than half of people wrongly think the recipient’s name is checked when sending an electronic payment. Find out how to avoid common pitfalls and what to do if you’ve made a mistake in our handy guide.
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